Kevala Shanti


Brief into into what you do + how we met...

We met at the top of a glorious Bulgarian mountain dancing into sunrise. What a dream. 

Do you do what you love and love what you do? 

Yes I do what I love, that's whats most important, following the Hearts call! 

Whats your morning routine? 

My morning routine is wake up, remind myself the honour it is to be alive. I give myself a moment to realign and reattune, some days this is easier than others. Then I go sit by my altar, give my daily offering and sit in meditation. 

Where are you based and why? 

I'm based in the British countryside because it's where I'm meant to be for now.

What do you do to bring creativity into your life every day?

I channel the Goddess within, through dance, through teachings, sometimes even through just talking to myself in the mirror. I enjoy the subtleties and mysteries of creative energy the most. :) 

Spiciest moment of 2020? 

Hmmm my spiciest moment of 2020 was probably during the Hindu festival for The Divine Mother, Navaratri. I realised how powerful the act of Surrender truly is. I've always known this but there was a definitive moment where everything shifted. Very SPICY indeed. 


You can discover Kevala at @kevala.shanti

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