Custom Creations


      Once of the reasons I love making jewellery is that I see gifting as an art form.

      SGJ's origins are in making trinkets and tokens of affection for family and friends.

      It's my expression of love and gratitude for the other's existence and to show them that you see them in their full glorious existence.

      So I understand the importance of personalisation. I love including secret codes, initials, numerology or symbolism that links to a magical moment shared or a key event.   

      Making a custom piece of jewellery allows us to add hidden, private elements or scratched codes within the piece allowing it to become something extra personal to you or your friend, partner, lover, mother, father, sisters from other misters, brothers from other mothers teachers, preacher ...

      If you can't find the words to show someone how much you love and care for them (or yourself) be assured we will be able to say it with your own custom piece.


      For more information on the creation journey and special requests click here

      6 products

      6 products