Maddie Mills

Brief Intro + how we know each other ....
Hello, I’m Madeleine mills, I’m 21 and from London and i’m an actor.
We were introduced in Ibiza through our mutual friend Melissa.

Do you do what you love and love what you do?
Yes completely. I’m an actor and sometimes singer and artist. I love and live for what I do.

Whats your morning routine?
Having some coffee and trying to piece together my often elaborate dreams from the night before.

Where are you based and why?
I’m based in London because it is my home and a beautiful city

What do you do to bring creativity into your life every day?
I sing to myself while I’m doing things and maybe write a little song but mostly making a little painting or moulding something .

Spiciest moment of 2020?
Meeting my boyfriend at moonlit party in the forest.
What’s an adventure / trek / pilgrimage you have always wanted to do?
I really love abandoned buildings and places so have always wanted to do a trip where I traveled around finding and visiting various ones with friends.

Do you believe in aliens?
I definitely believe we aren’t the only life out there but not sure what that other life would be like.

What’s the best thing you have created?
A Virgin Mary blood fountain for my end of year end of exhibition.

If you had 10k what would you do with it?
Buy a nice piece of art, give some to an animal shelter and have a little party for my friends.

Biggest realisation of the year?
What can feel like the end is often a beginning so try to move forward.


You can follow Maddie's creative endeavours at @madeleine.mills


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