Sylvie Gianella’s journey with jewellery is intertwined with principles of the natural word- organically growing, naturally evolving and always involving a touch of magic. 

Thirsty for adventure and freedom, she left behind a fast living London based fashion career and teamed up with a travelling band of wise women on a global treasure hunting mission- searching out trinkets and hustling jewellery to fund their travels and without knowing it Sylvie had naturally found her vocation and passion. Finding inspiration everywhere she roamed over this beautiful planet she could create aesthetically pleasing objects and hone her attention and skill into adornments for our human canvas.

In India she dived into the world of silversmithing, learning her own intuitive style with the support of the female teacher Divya, an infamous powerhouse who has nurtured the talent of many aspiring jewellery makers.

The style she learnt was raw, authentic and unpretentious, just how she likes to live and create. She brought a silversmith kit and continued to travel, setting up a pirate studio everywhere she went- from beachside to off grid living, even on the road in her van. Selling at festivals, beachside and street markets around Europe and India. 

One of the most important developments in her jewellery making career was becoming a Mama to the love of her life, her son Rubi-River…not only did this change her whole outlook on life, creating her a new connection with her body and the world around her; she also needed to find a way to make jewellery without the noisy hammering and tinkering so as not to wake her sleeping baby. This led her to journey into the Ancient technique of Lost Wax Casting. The oldest known example of this technique is a 6,000-year old amulet found in a Bronze Age Civilisation.

Fascinated with the mystical, the trippy and the organic side of life the forms of her jewellery showcase this - how the imperfect becomes perfect, not everything need be symmetrical to be pleasing and beauty is to be found everywhere from the smallest stone formation in a cave to the awesome power of the Wombiverse within every creatrix. 

Growing and learning along the way much of what she has explored has been self taught whilst trusting her natural instincts. Her jewellery reflects her own longing for a reconnection to something more natural, to bring out the beauty of the earth and reality and place it onto the body for celebration and adornment.