Womb Wisdom Charms

Womb Wisdom Charms

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Womb Charms with Gemstone Ovaries 

Our womb charm has been made to honour the sacred and powerful place residing in the body, where life is created and held. Our womb charm helps to remind us of the innate potential within us all, the sacred mystery of life and the fertility of abundance and opportunity in all things. Can be worn to connect to feminine energy or to honour birthing new ideas and pathways.

We use garnet as it is stone that represents high sexuality and power and creativity but we are always happy to talk preferences here

Customs take 3-4 weeks depending on any additions or personalisations.

Each one is handmade and there will be natural variations in each piece as part of the making process which adds to the uniqueness.



I have received my package from Sylvie a couple of weeks ago and have been in love with my new jewellery ever since! I ordered the silver bola earrings and am wearing them almost every day since they look fantastic and feel unexpectedly light in my ears.

I also have the small moon ring, which is so comfortable that I don't even take it off at night.

Thank you so much Sylvie! You did an amazing job and I will certainly order again in the future. Very recommendable!

Vik Krug, Vulva Casting

Sylvie created a Gold Twin Ring set for my birthday. We both worked on the bespoke pieces and created my dream jewellery set. I haven't taken them off. I loved being part of the creative process and appreciate the slow and sustainable practices that she adheres too. Can't wait to create some more pieces for significant milestones for my life. Her work and processes inspire and empower to be more creative in my own personal life.

Abby Lane

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Handcarved in Ibiza and cast using the ancient technique of Lost Wax Casting

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Every product is handmade in Ibiza by myself. Small quantaties, slow and sustainable. I offer the opposite to fast fashion sometimes taking weeks to produce pieces that will last a lifetime. I want you to be able to pass these items down to your children.